Children’s Book Illustration Services


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Program 1:  Let the illustrator be in control

This program is designed for the “open-minded” children’s book writer, who has written a great children’s story and is ready to have it illustrated. If you can see yourself letting go and allowing the illustrator to illustrate, without feeling the need to micro manage every tiny detail, this program is for you. All you need to do is supply your manuscript, indicating which text belongs on each page, and the illustrator will do the rest.

Self-Pub Book Design’s illustrator creates beautiful, authentic, hand-colored watercolor artwork for your illustrations. A few examples of what he has done for our clients are shown above. 

Our illustration services are broken up into four parts; pencil sketches, final coloring, cover art, and rights to artwork. This is for a paperback book or Kindle e-book with a total page count of 24 to 32 pages. We break up payment for our services into smaller increments, to provide ease in paying for the cost of your project. It also provides you with the ability to halt your project, if ever necessary.

Part 1: Pencil Sketches 

Your first purchase for illustrations will be for pencil sketches.  Once you have paid for Part 1, you will need to break down your manuscript by page, before supplying it to sketch 1Self-Pub Book Design. We offer an 8.5″ x 8.5″ trim size.  In addition, if you have ideas as to what you would like illustrated on each page of your book, please submit an outline before we get started. The illustrator will try to incorporate as many of your ideas as possible. 

Once these decisions have been finalized, our illustrator will get to work drawing up your rough sketches. This includes a rough mock up of your main character. Once completed, a pencil sketch proof will be submitted to you for approval. This allows for changes to be made before final coloring begins. The moment you approve the pencil sketches, the next step will be to purchase Part 2 (final coloring) and your book design services. If at this time you choose not to use our illustrator and go elsewhere for your artwork, you are not obligated to pay beyond Part 1 of the illustration process. However, no refunds will be given for pencil sketches. 

PRICE FOR PENCIL SKETCHES – $249.00 (8.5×8.5) 

85 words

Part 2: Final Coloring

This is the time when your book gets ready for print and you’ll need to pay for your book design and final coloring services. Once payment is received, all of the final color 1illustrations will be colored and prepared for you in a high-resolution PDF suitable for high quality press printing. If there are specific colors that you would like to see used in your illustrations, please express that to us before final coloring begins.  A sample spread proof will be sent to you for approval prior to the illustrator finishing the entire book. This keeps corrections to a minimum, as the color palette is approved first. If you choose after sample approval to make any additional changes, these can be made for an additional charge. When the final coloring is complete, a PDF proof will be sent to you for final approval.

PRICE FOR FINAL COLORING – $599.00 (8.5×8.5) 
Part 3: Cover Art

At this time, you will need to purchase your cover art. The illustrator will create a covercover 1 and we will send you a pencil sketch proof for approval. Revisions are included in the cover art price. Once you approve the pencil sketch, the final coloring for the cover will be completed and a PDF proof will be sent to you for final approval.

PRICE FOR COVER ART- $149.00 (8.5×8.5)
Part 4: Rights to the Original Artwork

In order to own the rights to the illustrations in your book, you will need to purchase the original physical artwork.  This will allow you to legally and freely publish, distribute, and collect earnings on the sale of your book. Once you have completed your purchase, we will mail the artwork to you, signing over all rights for use to you.

PRICE FOR PHYSICAL ARTWORK- $149.00 (8.5×8.5) 

Program 2:  You are in total control

You choose and hire your own illustrator. Before you hire an illustrator, it is imperative that you have your book content professionally edited. We offer editing services as part of our design package or a la carte starting at $250. Once your book has been edited it is time to hire an illustrator. A quick Google search under the keyword phrase “Children’s Book Illustrators” will yield many results. Another great place to find illustrators is through local high school or college art departments and professional illustrator organizations. Take your time when choosing your illustrator, making sure that their style is what you are looking for. Select an illustrator carefully and be sure you consider the costs of the whole process before you hire. Once you have your completed illustrations in hand, you can hire our book designer to complete the design process.


~Self-Pub Book Design’s Illustrator, Ricardo J. Rodriguez, is bursting with talent. His creative mind made my characters come alive. I explained my preconceived ideas of who my main character was, and Ricardo gave him a personality and a voice. He understands space and color, and that the pictures are the most important part of a children’s picture book. I’m so proud of my book and it would not have been possible without Ricardo’s eye and talent. -Amy Sweezey, Award-winning Broadcast Meteorologist

~My Silly Dog Gus comes with a classically illustrated cover that is sure to draw the attention of both male and female child readers.  Who doesn’t love a dog?  And a dog named Gus?  Come on.  Great marketing effort with this design. From the design to the illustrations, this is well above average.  The overall production quality is top notch here.  -2015 Judge, 3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

~This having been my first book, I had no idea what to expect. I’d never worked with a book designer or an illustrator before. That being said, I can’t say enough good things about C.K. and Ricardo at Self-Pub Book Design. As a writer, trying to find someone that gels with your ideas and that can see them through to fruition is invaluable. C.K. and Ricardo were able to do that, and they were patient and understanding throughout the whole process. The costs and expectations for each stage of design and illustration were very clear. The pricing was very affordable and communication was above and beyond. C.K.’s guidance and knowledge of what was needed to take a children’s book from start to finish, was exceptionally thorough and professional. I would recommend Self-Pub Book Design’s services without hesitation! Thank you for such an outstanding experience! -Kristine Springstun, Children’s Book Writer